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30 min spot treatment ....$50

With this zone specific massage use the time to target your most troubled area. Choose the neck, arms, legs, feet or lower back.

Deep tissue/ relaxation massage

60 min massage....$95
90 min massage ....$135
120 min massage .... $175

Facial with microdermabrasion....$140

Enjoy this 90 min facial that includes cleansing, microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells, making your skin smooth and glowing. Steam to hydrate and open pores. Extractions. Moisturizing face mask. Face and arm massage.

60 min Reflexology....$95

Come experience this ancient treatment. For 60 min your feet will experience a deep massage on the reflex points that stimulates the body to self heal.

60 min TMJ - Temporomandibular (Jaw and Facial Massage)....$95

If you are experiencing issues with your jaw, painful chewing, headaches, or upper cervical pain, you may benefit from TMJ massage. TMJ massage includes massage of the neck muscles as well as internal and external massaging of the muscles of mastication.


6 pack of sessions Hypnotherapy (90 mins)....$999
Single session (90 mins) ....$250

60 min (Pre/Postnatal massage)....$95

Women’s bodies go through many changes during pregnancy and postpartum. Pregnancy massage, when practiced safely can be a wonderful tool for holistically managing the pain and discomforts that can occur while you are growing a new life.
Some of the benefits can include;
*Pain management
*Reduce tension
*Reduce swelling & improve circulation
*Decrease in stress hormone cortisol (for mama & baby!)
*Improved sleep/less fatigue
*Promote relaxation

About Us

Our certified, talented RMTs are all registered with an accredited association in Alberta, meeting the minimum of 2200 hours of training for insurance coverage. Even more exciting is our background, we strike the perfect balance between professional and fun.

Here at rewind, our therapists are multifaceted; each has had a healthcare-related career that blends perfectly with our current passion of treating the body and the person through massage. We’ve got a certified life coach, a registered paramedic, and a dental assistant.



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Canada T2P 4R5 (Inside Eau Claire Market).

+1 403-333-5870

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